EBKA contacts

The EBKA officers for 2015-2016 are as follows.

Pat Allen
Email: president@ebka.org
Ian Nichols
email: chair@ebka.org
Magazine Editor:
Jean Smye
email: editor@ebka.org
Mailing Secretary:
Mike Elliott
Tel: 01702 548900 distribution_sec@ebka.org
Mr Michael Webb 
Tel: 01708 250606 secretary@ebka.org
Magazine Advertising:
Jean Smye
email: editor@ebka.org
Tom Keeper
Tel: 01708 478672 treasurer@ebka.org
Nick Holmes
email: webmaster@ebka.org
Spray and Disease:
Jim McNeil
email: spray@ebka.org

4 thoughts on “EBKA contacts

  1. I understand there is to be a talk by Prof Dave Goulson at Coggeshall on 2nd April but can’t find any more details – this seems a great shame

  2. Hello if anyone could please help. My son suffers from hayfever and i have been told to give him raw honey which has been sourced locally. Just want to know Would that be my immediate area of seven kings or is it ok to go a bit futher out? If so from how far out would the honey be local honey?

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