EBKA contacts

The EBKA officers for 2015-2016 are as follows.

Pat Allen
Email: president@ebka.org
Ian Nichols
email: chair@ebka.org
Magazine Editor:
Jean Smye
email: editor@ebka.org
Mailing Secretary:
Mike Elliott
Tel: 01702 548900 distribution_sec@ebka.org
Mr Michael Webb 
Tel: 01708 250606 secretary@ebka.org
Magazine Advertising:
Jean Smye
email: editor@ebka.org
Tom Keeper
Tel: 01708 478672 treasurer@ebka.org
Nick Holmes
email: webmaster@ebka.org
Spray and Disease:
Jim McNeil
email: spray@ebka.org

2 thoughts on “EBKA contacts

  1. I understand there is to be a talk by Prof Dave Goulson at Coggeshall on 2nd April but can’t find any more details – this seems a great shame

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