One of the primary aims of the EBKA is to advance the craft of beekeeping in all its aspects. In addition to running educational bee-keeping courses, the EBKA is keen to promote the importance and benefits of bees to our environment.

During the year, you may see our members visiting many local events including The Essex Country Show, various craft fairs, farmers markets and schools to promote education in the various aspects of bee-keeping.

Beekeeping courses

Divisions within the EBKA run educational courses for the absolute beginner (both theory & practical) as well as more advanced courses for the experienced beekeeper. To find out more and to see what is available in your area, contact your local EBKA Division.


Many of our members are keen to visit schools and children’s clubs (including Brownies/Cubs, etc) to teach children the value of bees and the role they play in our society.

The format of such visits will vary depending upon the number and age of the children as well as the facilities available to the beekeeper. Ideas should be discussed between the teacher/group-leader and the visiting beekeeper well in advance of the talk. The possibilities may include: a talk on the life cycle of the bee; the importance of bees; children trying on a bee-keeper’s protective suit; tasting honey and looking inside a virtual bee hive.

To find out what can be provided in your area, please contact your local EBKA Division.

We are often asked to provide speakers for local clubs and associations and find the audience are keen to know more about the increasing problems faced by bees and beekeepers, rather than the craft of beekeeping itself. Many of our members are happy to attend such events and provide an informative talk covering either aspect.

In addition, some of our members are able to speak about specific bee-related topics, such as: cooking with honey; producing mead; candle making and disease control.

To find out what can be provided in your area, please contact your local EBKA Division.