Adding to the EBKA Calendar

This is a guide to adding entries to the EBKA Programme (shown on the right of each EBKA page). This does not refer to programme entries in the “The Essex Beekeeper” for which you sill need to email the editor with details.

Access and adding entries

1. Get a Google account (ideally one for your division, but personal ones will suffice).
Go to, click on ‘sign in’ (usually top right), follow the prompts to ‘add account’.

2. Send your account email address to the EBKA Webmaster.
The webmaster will add your account to the list of those with permission to edit the calendar.

ebka_cal(once the account has permission)
3. Go to and log in using the above account.
The EBKA calendar should be shown at the bottom of the left column, you can click on it to show the contents on your calendar screen.

ebka_cal_select4. To add entries click ‘Create’ at the top of the left column.
You will need to select ‘Essex Beekeepers’ in the selection box (as shown to the right).
Fill in details of the event appropriately – please :
– prefix items with your division name.
– keep titles and descriptions short.
– fill in date and time details accurately

5. Any problems, contact the EBKA Webmaster who will be happy to help.

Style Guide

The programme will show up on the right of the EBKA website; as such here is a short style guide for entries  such that they convey information in the most accessible format for that audience.

1. Add your division at the start of the subject line. Ideally this should be a relatively short label for all your events / talks, i.e. “S/Walden” is better than “Saffron Walden Division of the Essex Beekeepers’ Association”

2. Add a time and location so people know when and where

3. Add a short description or a link to your site where people can find more details – leaving a longer description in that space gets very confusing on the EBKA page. URL shortening can be done using the service, or any other url shortening service.

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