Archive : Speaker : Clive de Bruyn

Clive de Bruyn FIBKA Snr., BBKA Snr., N.D.B.(a) Clive De Bruyn NDB

Clive has been a beekeeper since the 1960’s. He is one of the best-known and respected beekeeping authorities in Britain and Ireland. Based in Essex, where he runs over 100 colonies for queen-rearing, honey production and pollination. He is a prominent member of the Bee Farmers’ Association, where he has been the Education Officer since 1982. As well as being a bee farmer Clive has studied, worked and presented papers within an international forum for many years and done much work in third world countries. In addition, he has written several books including the indispensable “Practical Beekeeping”.

Lecture TitleTed the Bigger Picture.