Archive : BBKA Basic Assessment Training Day

Sunday May 14th at Great Easton (nr. Dunmow)

If you’ve been keeping bees for a couple of years (or longer) and you think you’d like to do the BBKA Basic Assessment this is the course for you, especially if your Division isn’t offering BA training this year.

Practice with Basic Assessors in the 4 Test Areas :

  • Hive Manipulation, Equipment & Frame Making
  • Natural History of Bees & Beekeeping
  • Swarming, Swarm Control and effects.
  • Diseases, Pests and Poisoning

The assessment concentrates the mind and gives you confidence. The pass rate is very high (98%) and doing the training day will increase your chances and confidence even more!

The cost will be modest and is 50% funded by the CEC (but will depend on how many attend – estimated at less than £10). If you are interested, please email me Essex Education Secretary, by 31st March.