Archive : EBKA AGM 2017

Essex Beekeepers’ Association 137th Annual General Meeting

to be held on Saturday 18 March 2017 at 2pm

in Room E06, Writtle College, Lordship Lane, Chelmsford. CM1 3RP


Printable Agenda

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the 136th AGM
  3. Report of the Chairman of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) – chairmans report 2017
  4. General Treasurer’s Report & Approval of the 2016 Accounts
  5. Written Reports of other members of the CEC
  6. Election of County Officers (Trustees)
    • CEC Chairman, General Treasurer and General Secretary
  7. Notification of the 2017 Divisional Voting Members and 2018 Presiding Officer
  8. Election of County (non Trustee) Appointees
    1. President
    2. BBKA Delegate
    3. Editor (The Essex Beekeeper)
    4. Education Secretary
    5. Examinations Secretary
    6. NHS Delegate
    7. EBKA Show Secretary
    8. Spray & Disease Committee Delegate
  9. Notification of CEC Appointees and Co-opted Members
  10. Notification of Honorary County Life Member
  11. Confirmation of the Accounts Examiner (External Auditor)
  12. 2016 Conference Report
  13. 2017 Conference Preview
  14. Installation of the 2017 Presiding Officer
  15. Reading from the Book of Commemoration

Following the AGM

Members of the Colchester Division will provide refreshments

The AGM Keynote Speech:

Wally Thrale from the Eastern Region Bee Forum will speak about the Eastern Region Research Students (EARS) and the EARS2 project researching Deformed Wing Virus