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National Honey Show 2019 Winners

National Honey Show Results 2019


Pat Allen VHC Essex class 269

Mike Barke C World class 5
2nd Essex class 263rd
3rd Essex class 270
VHC Essex class 262

Clive De Bruyn 1st Open class 102

Jan French 3rd Essex class 262
C Essex Class 267
HC Essex class 268
HC Essex class 269
2nd Essex class 270
1st Essex class 271

Pam Hughes 3rd Open class 64

John Lacy 3rd Open class 46
C Open class 111
HC Open class 115
VHC Essex class 263rd
2nd Essex class 269
1st Essex class 270

Fillipo Negri 1st Open class 94

Jim McNeill 3rd Open class 64
HC Open class 111
2nd Essex class 262
3rd Essex class 263rd
3rd Essex class 265
C Essex class 269
1st Essex class 272
1st Essex class 274

Rossana Seels 1st Open class 89

Pauline Tidmas 3rd World class 4
HC Members class 151
1st Essex class 262
1st Essex class 269

Romford Division C Open class 32
1st Essex class 263
2nd Essex class 266
3rd Essex class 269

2015 National Honey Show Report

Well done to all the members who won prizes at the show this year, winning anything this year was even harder with very nearly 2000 exhibits a record amount this year, & a lot more from different countries this year than ever. we had 15 Essex members entering which is a lot more than in the past, so its nice to see a few very new members having a go so don’t be put off if you did not win this year, next year might be your year. Paul Abbott won both the Essex cups & 5 of the 7 Kent cups as he is a full member of Kent beekeepers as well so very well done Paul. Their was a lot of new Names & faces collecting cups this year. the show was in a new part of the college with exhibits in different rooms, the judges liked it as it gave them more room to work in.


Essex Honey Show Gallery

Another spectacular showing by the Essex Beekeepers