Archive : 2015 Annual General Meeting

Essex Beekeepers’ Association
135th Annual General Meeting

was held on :
Saturday 14 March 2015 at 2pm
in :
Room E06, Writtle College, Lordship Lane, Chelmsford, CM1 3RP


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the 134th AGM
  3. Report of the Chairman of the Central Executive Committee (CEC)
  4. General Treasurer’s Report & Approval of the 2014 Accounts
  5. Written Reports of other members of the CEC
  6. Election of President
  7. Election of County Officers (Trustees):
    • Chairman
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
  8. Notification of the 2015 Divisional Voting Members
    and 2016 Presiding Officer
  9. Election of County (non Trustee) Appointees:
    • BBKA Delegate
    • Editor (The Essex Beekeeper)
    • Examinations Secretary
    • NHS Delegate
    • EBKA Show Secretary
    • Spray & Disease Committee Delegate
  10. Notification of CEC Appointees and Co-opted Members
  11. Confirmation of the Accounts Examiner (External Auditor)
  12. 2014 Conference Report
  13. 2015 Conference Preview
  14. Installation of the 2015 Presiding Officer
  15. Reading from the Book of Commemoration
  16. Any other business


Following the AGM Members of the Dengie Hundred & Maldon Division provided refreshments.

Keynote Speech

The Keynote Speech will be given by Andrew Beer, the current chairman of North Bucks Beekeepers’ Association

Andrew’s talk will be on “Bees & the Law” Beekeepers and the authorities, to a lesser extent, do not have a sufficiently wide knowledge of the parameters of the law regulating their activities and may either fall foul of them or, through ignorance, may fail to take advantage.

Andrew does not require a fee for his services by has asked that a donation be made to “Bees Abroad”, a charity which he actively supports.


EBKA 2015 AGM Minutes

Keynote speech