Archive : Annual General Meeting 2016

Essex Beekeepers’ Association 136th Annual General Meeting

to be held on
Saturday 19 March 2016 at 2pm
Room E06, Writtle College, Lordship Lane, Chelmsford. CM1 3RP


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the 135th AGM
  3. Minutes of the EGM held on 28th January 2016
  4. Report of the Chairman of the Central Executive Committee (CEC)
  5. General Treasurer’s Report & Approval of the 2015 Accounts
  6. Written Reports of other members of the CEC
  7. Election of County Officers (Trustees)
    • CEC Chairman
    • General Treasurer
    • General Secretary
  8. Notification of the 2016 Divisional Voting Members and 2017 Presiding Officer
  9. Election of County (non Trustee) Appointees
    • President
    • BBKA Delegate
    • Editor (The Essex Beekeeper)
    • Education Secretary
    • Examinations Secretary
    • NHS Delegate
    • EBKA Show Secretary
    • Spray & Disease Committee Delegate
  10. Notification of CEC Appointees and Co-opted Members
  11. Confirmation of the Accounts Examiner (External Auditor)
  12. 2015 Conference Report
  13. 2016 Conference Preview
  14. Installation of the 2016 Presiding Officer
  15. Reading from the Book of Commemoration

Following the AGM

Members of the Romford Division will provide refreshments

The AGM Keynote Speech

 “Build the Buzz” – will be given by Nigel Housden, Press & Media Relations, BBKA.

“Build the Buzz” – the Bee Listening Project is a new ground-breaking national scientific venture utilising highly sensitive technological equipment to gather data from within the beehive and supported by the BBKA

The essence of the project evolved from discussions between the BBKA and Arnia – a company which makes hive monitoring equipment. These led to a partnership between the two organisations, Build the Buzz was created as a citizens’ scientific project to use the hiving monitoring equipment to provide a greater understanding of the honeybee and life within the hive. The sensitive technology measures sound, vibration, hive temperature, hive humidity, brood temperature and hive weight as well as prevailing meteorological conditions. The data is available everyday to participating beekeepers, whilst the cumulative stored data is collated for ongoing scientific research.

Last autumn the project engaged the partnership support of Eat Natural, the Essex based makers of fruit and cereal bars along with ranges of breakfast muesli. They initiated, with the design input of BBKA’s Clive Joyce a new hive, the PolleNation hive. The release of these hives to beekeepers, will form the first stage of the Build the Buzz project.


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EBKA 2016 EGM Minutes 280116

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